Our recommended insurance brokers, MySecurityBox, are the Belgium’s only insurance providers that provide an ‘All Risk’ insurance plan specifically for safety deposit boxes. They have many well-known underwrites, one being Lloyds of London. This is to ensure that our clients are protected completely. All policies taken out through our insurance brokers are taken out under the clients own name, as a result of this, in the event of a claim our clients are in full control of all compensation and damages they receive.

Kurttrust Deposit Centre, offers the service of not withholding any information related to your insurance, as it is taken out by our clients and the broker directly. We need no knowledge of what you insure. Although we recommend MySecurityBox, clients can also be covered through their own personal home and content insurance.


Our fully comprehensive insurance cover gives our clients a greater peace of mind and allows our clients to enjoy the freedom using their belongings whilst still being covered.

Safety Deposit Box Contents are Insurable up to £500,000 per box or even more upon request and provides Fully Comprehensive cover for all your valuables including, Jewellery, Watches, Precious metals, Documents etc… and even Cash Wear Cover is insurable up to £500,000 or even more upon request and covers you whilst your valuables are worn, carried or kept in a safe at home up to the value you specify.

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